Dog Running
dog running with toy

Animal Activities for Active Minds

Dogs require lots of mental stimulation through a variety of activities. If you work long hours or have a dog that needs more activity in their day, KAS will come to you or your dog can be dropped off and we will fill their time with pup-sized adventures and socialization (when appropriate). Dog activities range from playgroups, hiking, swimming, or neighborhood walks.  

Activity Ideas

Fun activities and adventures served up daily

30 min, 60 min, 90 Min, and 120 min activities available. Times and availability may vary. Price starting at $17.00.

Neighborhood Walk

Ideal for the antisocial, old, or more timid dogs that prefer to stick close to home. Most dogs enjoy a good neighborhood walkabout as a way to get their daily gossip. We allow dogs to dictate the speed and distance of their walk. Doing this allows these dog's freedom to wander and be themselves with chaperone supervision. Walks are a great way to build confidence in more fearful dogs.  

Pup-Sized Adventures

If your dog is an adventure seeker and enjoys making friends then we can take them on our daily adventures. Adventures are scaleable depending on the dog's history, preferences, and ability. KAS adventure pups enjoy all the Columbia Gorge has to offer. 

(Those interested in adventures might want to consider School for their dog.) 

Neighborhood Meet-Up

Are there friend-dogs in your neighborhood? Is your dog a social butterfly? Let us help coordinate a friendly meet-up with your dog's closest friends. They can take a walk together and catch-up while being supervised by a professional. 

Scavenger Hunt

Does your dog love food? Then let's put their nose brains to work finding tasty treats. This is a great way to pass the time for any dog left home alone for extended amounts of time. Scavenger hunting is especially fun for those who don't like going outside for long walks. Hunting can be set-up indoors.

Backyard Games

This activity is great for the toy crazy dog that loves to play fetch or tug above all else. These athletes might be a little too competitive to enjoy playing games with dog-friends but they love playing with their human-friends. Fenced yards are a must in order for dogs to enjoy this activity. 

Canine Gym

Canine Gym is a DIY version of training and enrichment. 

We invite you and your dog(s) to utilize Kind Animal Services' expertise and equipment as you build your own training program. Great for active dogs that require lots of mental stimulation to satisfy their mind. The floor is yours to develop you and your dog's skills your way. KAS will provide some guided curriculum or feel free to free form training time and exercises, it's up to you. 

Please note, we do not allow aversive training techniques in our gym for many reasons and we would be delighted to discuss this further should you be curious. 

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