Animal Education Program 

Welcome to Kind Animal Services - Animal Education Program where we are sharing knowledge while helping animals in need. 

Our goal is to educate people through videos shared through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and on the KAS website. We share rescued animal stories of how we train and care for Sponsored Project Animals. 

Please consider sponsoring this project and its animals. Your donations fund resources for the animals in our care as well as educational material and content. 

Animal Education Assistants

Fable Ace

Fable is young and eager to learn. She knows a handful of tricks like fetch, roll-over, wave, and be-a-Bat. However, her most impressive training is her recall. Fable is fully flighted and trained to free-fly outdoors!

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Hatched: 3/2019


Sponsored Project Animals

No current Project Animals are living with us at this time. If you are a sponsor of the KAS Education Program then you will be the first to be updated.