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Scientific, Systematic, Data Driven Behavior Change

How do you know that you are doing the right thing? How do you know that your training is effective without being intrusive or over kill? Stop guessing about your training programs, science is on your side. 

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Strengthen Your Training Programs

Simple Behavior Tracking

Set up and track any number of behaviors. Record observation sessions. With a streamlined timeline and massive dashboard to compare the options. 

Personalized Program Planning

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Community Support

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1. Create an account

2. Set up your first subject you want to start behavior logging. 

3. Set up what you want to track

4. Start tracking. 

5. Review your analytics and start making data driven decisions.

Get a Demo

Want to see more before you create your own account. Great idea! We offer personalized demos to show how you can utilize LLOG.APP in your animal training business. 

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