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Welcome to Kind Animal Services. Please find the forms we need to set up your account. 

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New Account

This form covers emergency contacts and details about your home.

*Mandatory for new pet sitting and dog activities customers. 

Pet Profile

One profile is required for each pet in the home.

The more we know about your pets, the better service we can provide. Don't spare us any details.

*New customers 

Request Sitting

Request pet sitting or animal activity service dates. 

We will get back to you to confirm your dates and match you with a Pet Professional. 

Request Dog Activities

Request dates for dog activities on dates and times you are at work or gone for the day. 

Our professional activity coordinators (dog walkers) will come to your house to let your dog play and get out. 

School Registration Form

School days for dogs is the easiest way to educate your dog.

Find out more.