Walking the Dog

Behavior Modification
Planning & Training

Seeking answers to your troubling dog behavior question? Our guided custom plans will give you the direction you need. 

Getting Started

1. Submit a detailed History & Behavior profile about your dog. 

2. Schedule your first session so we can get a base line. ($100) 

3. Start to see real development and progress in your dog’s behavior. 

Submit a History/Behavior Profile

What is Behavior Modification (B-Mod)?

Behavior modification also called B-Mod is the use of science based principles of animal behavior, applied behavior analysis, learning theory, and phycology to change behavior. 

It is often an ongoing process that takes considerable commitment to your animal to receive the lasting results you are working towards. In other words it’s far from a quick fix, it's shaping new neurological pathways in the brain and developing new habits. 

We do this through a combination of classical conditioning, desensitization, counter conditioning, constructional approaches, Premack principle, enrichment, and of course positive reinforcement. If you don’t know what any of that is, that's okay. It’s just all the fancy jargon we use when discussing the different approaches to behavior modification. 

Initial Consultation

1 hour consultation with you, your family, and your dog at one of our training locations.....$100


In-Home consultation.....$200

1.5 hour consultation with everyone in your home. This is ideal if your goals are based around fear issues or specific behavior problems in the home. 

KAS can help you determine the best option for your dog after we review your History/Behavior profile. 

Get to know your trainer. 

The Plan

Custom Written Behavior Modification Plan.....$400

  • Live Google Doc that we can update and edit as things change the more we go along. 

  • PDF document. 

  • Printed - No edits can be seen or made. 

This document is custom designed to help you achieve your behavior modification goals. 

If you are a do it yourself type of person this B-mod plan is your DIY blueprint to training your dog. 

If this is the first time we have met The Plan price includes one 1 consultation preferably In-Home to meet your dog and you. 

If we have met and you are now deciding you would like to purchase a B-Mod Plan you can get a 10% discount on your plan. 


Once a profile and plan has been established you can unlock our session prices moving forward for regular training. 

We offer custom pre payed passports that give an additional discount for routine appointments. We will develop this appointment schedule with you. 

A La Cart:

In-Home training session …. $160

  • ~ 1-hour training/consulting session held in your home with the whole family and your dog. 

  • Travel fees of $10-$30 may apply for homes located outside of our core service area.


Classroom training session …. $84

  • 1-hour training/consultation session held at our Schoolhouse training center with you and your dog. 


Tutoring Session …. $120

  • 2-hour training session for just the dog. Drop off & pick up or scheduled location if available. 

Teaching Tricks

What can I expect from a Behavior Modification Plan?

A behavior modification plan is built with 3 parts: management, enrichment, and training. Each behavior modification plan is custom written for your unique situation. 

In the Management section we walk you through creative ways to manage your dog’s behavior. Management is all about priming your dog for training, keeping all parties safe, and starting to break bad habits if they have started. 

Enrichment should already be a part of your daily routine. This section of the plan is all about making sure we are meeting your dog's needs. This goes beyond physical exercise. Meeting your dog's needs through enrichment will help bring out the best in your dog. When a dog feels safe, content, and even happy they are better equipped to learn new things. 

This leads us to the final stage of your custom Behavior Modification plan. Training -- This piece must be built upon the solid foundation laid down by the first two sections of your behavior modification plan. Here is when we have to put in the hours and teach your dog new alternative behaviors or work at changing their emotional response to stimuli. 

When you receive your custom KAS Behavior Modification plan it will cover all three sections. Something to remember is that behavior is constantly changing and that means that Behavior Modification Plans will need to be tweaked as you start to execute them and learn things along the way.