Group Classes
In-Person Dog Training

Are you looking to learn right along with your puppy or adult dog? Classes are affordable and help hold you accountable each week as you and your dog learn new skills. 

Dog Training Classes

If you want to learn right along with your dog, strengthen your bond with your dog, and take your dog on a date join our group dog training classes. 2022 we are offering a variety of training courses, master classes, and support groups. These group sessions are here to help you navigate through puppyhood, better bond with your new rescue dog, or help hold you accountable for spending time training your dog. 


We have a blast in our training classes. Maybe it’s just nice to be in a classroom setting again or maybe we just enjoy training dogs that much. We do require humans to wear a mask during class to respect your other class mates. 


Join our class mailing list to register for training classes. 


Can I attend with a non-social dog?

If you have an anti-social dog that becomes reactive or aggressive  around other dogs, children, or people you might be able to still attend classes depending on the severity of your dog's behavior and your ability to manage them during class. If you feel your dog might not be a good fit for group classes please email and talk with us. There might be a specific class available for reactivity or we can decide if a Behavior Modification plan would be more appropriate.