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Group Classes
In-Person Attendance

Are you looking to learn right along with your puppy or adult dog? Classes are affordable and help hold you accountable each week as you and your dog learn new skills together. 

About Our Classes

If you want to learn right along with your dog, strengthen your bond with your dog, and take your dog on a date join our group dog training classes. We are offering a variety of opportunities to train your dog with the guidance of a professional dog trainer and earn your dog certificates and titles. 

Classes are designed with step by step training plans that will build upon the skills learned the previous week. 4 to 8 weeks long depending on the course. 

Each lesson is held at our training facility located off highway 35 on Lower Mill Drive. 


Techniques are fear-free and positive reinforcement based. We teach the most current science based information. Our classes are always evolving so if you take the same class more then once you are likely to get lots of variation in the class each time. 

These are group classes so you will be learning along with pet parent peers. We always ask that you respect your class mates so that we can all enjoy KAS classes with our dogs. Additionally, try not to compare you and your dog to others. Learning is a personal journey that cannot compare to others.