Group Training
Classes for All

Are you looking to learn right along with your puppy or adult dog? Classes are affordable and help hold you accountable throughout your dog training. 

Dog Training Classes

If you want to learn right along with your dog, strengthen your bond with your dog, and take your dog on a date join our group dog training classes. 2022 we are offering a variety of training courses, master classes, and support groups. These group sessions are here to help you navigate through puppyhood, better bond with your new rescue dog, or help hold you accountable for spending time training your dog. 


We have a blast in our training classes. Maybe it’s just nice to be in a classroom setting again or maybe we just enjoy training dogs that much. We do require humans to wear a mask during class to respect your other class mates. 


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Practicing station is one of our favorite drills. 6 dogs staying on their KLIM platforms.

Puppy Foundations

Correct puppy development is critical to raising a well mannered easy going adult. This puppy foundations course helps guide you through the first key skills every puppy should start learning as early as possible. Starting with target training, handling, leash training, focus training, and impulse control at the puppy education/development level. 


It is recommended that puppies attend Puppy Development & Socialization classes in conjunction with this course for a more well rounded experience and socialization. 


Puppy Foundations course is influenced by Guide Dog puppy starters, STAR Puppy, Pet Dog Ambassador and other similar puppy organizations. 

  • Puppies ages 14 weeks - 6 months. Must be healthy and vaccinated up to their age. 

  • 6 week course. 

  • $228

Adolescent Manners

If you have a dog between the ages of 6 months to 2 years you have an adolescent aged dog. Just like with human children, adolescents can be more energetic, less capable of good decision making, and enjoy pushing boundaries and trying new things. This is when structure and guidance is most needed to keep risky behaviors to a minimum. 

It's recommended that if you adopt your dog as a young puppy that you have completed the puppy foundation and development type courses. Doing so will smooth out these sometimes frustrating times.


Adolescent Manners covers the core skills you will need to survive the “teenage” stage gracefully and guiding your dog into adulthood. This class was built upon the necessary training process service dogs undergo, as well as CGC Canine Good Citizen, Pet Dog Ambassador and Level 1 Obedience & Rally.

  • Dogs ages 6 months - 2 years old - Must be healthy and fully vaccinated.

  • 6 week course. 

  • $252

Puppy Development & Socialization

If you have a young puppy then you won't want to miss this critical development stage. As puppies mature they develop (just like humans) stress coping mechanisms. What often happens is you won't see that there is a problem until the dog nears 1 year old. Missing the opportunity to socialize your puppy safely can cause lots of troubling behavior problems later on. 


This class provides an opportunity for very young puppies to explore new environments, meet new people, meet other puppies, and develop the cognitive skills to over come challenges or adverses. This will also support puppy parents in how to appropriately set up their puppy's home environment and experiences for success. 

  • Puppies 13 wk - 19 wk (Must be healthy and received their first round of puppy vaccinations) 

  • 3 week course 

  • $90 

Can I attend with a non-social dog?

If you have an anti-social dog that becomes reactive or aggressive  around other dogs, children, or people you might be able to still attend classes depending on the severity of your dog's behavior and your ability to manage them during class. If you feel your dog might not be a good fit for group classes please email and talk with us. There might be a specific class available for reactivity or we can decide if a Behavior Modification plan would be more appropriate.


Beyond Obedience Series 

Beyond Obedience is a series of training classes starting in 2022. These are 3 or 4 week courses focused on one specific skill. In each class we will quickly cover the basics of clicker training and break down the training task into small approximations that by the end of the class you should have rudimentary building blocks to start working the new behavior in everyday life.

  • Recall Training

  • Settle Down!

  • Leave it / Take it

  • Fetch / Hand it Over

  • Leash Walking

  • More...