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Animal Activities for Active Minds

Dogs are active and social animals that need plenty of time to be a dog. If you work long hours or have a dog that needs more activity in their day, we will come to your house to walk your dog, pick them up for a hike, or have them join daily playgroups at our schoolhouse.

We have lots of fun activities to keep your dog's mind active and their day filled until you get home. 


Great Pack Adventures

Starting at $29/Dog

Give your dog something to look forward to when you go to work. Our Pack Adventures are a minimum of 1 hour of hiking with friends. Includes pick up and drop off from your house.


Activity Ideas

Fun activities and adventures served up daily

30 min, 60 min, and 90 Min activities available. Times and availability may very. Price starting at $17.00.

Neighborhood Walk

Ideal for the antisocial or more timid dogs that prefer to stick close to home. Older dogs also enjoy this as a way to get their daily gossip.

Backyard Games

This activity is great for the toy crazy dog that loves to play fetch or tug above all else. These athletes might be a little to competitive to enjoy playing games with dog friends.

Neighborhood Meet-Up

Are there friend-dogs in your neighborhood? Is your dog a social butterfly? Let us help coordinate a friendly meet-up with your dogs closest friends. They can take a walk and catch-up.

Scavenger Hunt

Does your dog love food? Then let's put their nose brains to work finding tasty treats. This is a great way to pass the time for any dog especially those who don't like going outside for long because we can set the hunting up indoors.