Taking the dog for a walk
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Dog Walker

Dog Parking

It's okay. Grab a drink we'll watch your dog.

KAS has partnered up with local events to offer a unique service to pet parents traveling with their dogs. Don't leave your dog in the car; bring them to the KAS booth and park them. While you are enjoying the event, your dog will be taking walks and making new friends.

Want dog parking at your event?

Playgroups and activities offered for private and public events. 

Bring in more attendees by offering a unique service in conjunction with your event to keep dog owners happy and dogs out of hot cars. 

Kind Animal Services will set up a temporary dog staging area with play pens and kennels as needed. Our Pet Professionals are skilled in managing dog play and keeping dogs entertained. With our presence dog owners can enjoy themselves at your event without worrying about their pups. 

Contact@kindanimalservices.com for more information and pricing.