Dog School
Adolescent Development Program

Building well rounded, educated, and adaptive adult dogs through structured socialization, fundamental training, necessary exploring. 

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Dog School Program

3 Month - $2100. 

Every Tuesday + Thursday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. 

Drop off time between 9:00 - 9:45 AM. 

Pick up time between 3:00 - 3:45 PM. 

At school, your dog has access to loads of enrichment, mental challenges, the opportunity to build lasting friendships, and expending plenty of their adolescent energy. 

Dogs must attend every day we are open excluding holiday vacations or mandatory breaks due to female's heat cycle or any dog that shows symptoms of illness or injury where attending dog school will put that dog or others at risk. In the case of a mandatory break or holiday vacation you will not loose out on days. 

Schoolhouse Location:

3031 Lower Mill Dr. 

Unit B (Kind Animal Services) 

Hood River, OR, 97031 


Attendance & Requirements

  • Dogs must be current on all their vaccinations. 

  • Unaltered dogs are allowed up to 6-8 months of age. We do reserve the right depending on your dogs behavior to notify you if we feel their behavior is disrupting class due to bing unaltered. 

  • Dogs should be non-aggressive and approved by a KAS professional through one of our other services. 

  • It is recommended that you withhold your dogs breakfast or feed a small breakfast on days they are expected to attend. You may bring their meals to school in a container we can use it during the day. 

  • Harnesses are required for dogs enrolled in dog school for the simple fact they are safer. If you forget your harness we have spares we can fit and use during school hours. 

Dog School Benefits

  • Improved behavior 

  • Better obedience 

  • Improved social skills 

  • Improved problem solving 

  • Expends excess energy 

  • Boosts confidence 


Not sure if Dog School is the right option for your dog? Take the quiz to find out. Please note that this quiz does not reflect 100% accuracy and all Dog School candidates must be screened prior to being enrolled. Regardless of your dogs qualification score A pet professional will reach out to talk about your next steps. 

Canidate Quiz

Alumni Program

When your dog completes the 3 month standard dog school we encourage you do continue your dogs enrichment and activities by having them return to KAS for Dog School days (Tuesday & Thursday). 

Dog School Alumni may add Dog School attendance to their enrichment and training passports or purchase a 6 day dog school passport. 

  • $42 / Day.

  • $312 / 8 session passport

  • $468 / 12 session passport 

  • (combo service passports are available)

Space is limited. We require that you reach out as early as possible to ensure you dog a seat on requested days.