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Dog Friends

Exercise services that make dogs happy and bring harmony to your home. 

Dog Walking, Hiking, Toy games, Learning games, Scavenger hunts, and play dates, and more.

What is Enrichment? 

Many behaviors like jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, and reactivity towards people or dogs can often be curbed by adding more enrichment activities to your dog’s daily routine. Our domestic dog's behaviors stem from boredom, frustration, or fear that can be partially addressed through enrichment. Dogs need to have their need for social interaction, foraging, problem-solving, and instinctual behaviors met in order to be their best self. 

An enriched dog is a happy dog. The saying used to say that a tired dog is a happy dog but this type of thinking leads people to over-exercise and under deliver when meeting their dog's other needs. In order for dogs to be content they need mental exercise as well as physical exercise. One without the other creates imbalance in the dog's state and is a common cause of hyperactivity, trouble focusing, and excess stress in the dog's body as they try to cope with the imbalance. 

We understand your time is limited and you can’t spend all day putting together games, training, and exercising your dog. We are here to relieve some of the burden so you can enjoy life with your dog. 

Enrichment Service Benefits

  • Improved behavior

  • Confidence 

  • Better leash manners 

  • Problem-solving skills 

  • Refined focus 

  • Settling / Quicker recovery time

A Puppy in Bed

Does your dog suffer from separation anxity?

Separation anxiety is often genetic and the best way to combat it is to have a consistent enrichment plan in place and make sure your dog is spending minimal time alone. If you are planning to be out of the house our KAS professional can come over to make sure your dog has a buddy to hang with. 

During this time with a KAS Pet Care Professional your dog can practice the skills they need to eventually be left alone for longer and longer. 

If your dog is suffering form separation anxiety our behavior professionals can assist in creating a plan that address this often troublesome behavior. Your dog is suffering don't delay getting them help. 

What are you waiting for? Every dog deserves an enriched life. 

Puppy Under a Table

Does your dog bark relentlessly?

Excess Barking can be rooted in a number of different problems but the primary cause is an imbalance in enrichment. Often we are not providing enough enrichment, sometimes it’s not the right kind of enrichment. KAS enrichment specialists can help you prepare food puzzles, provide enrichment walks, or play games tailored to your dog's needs. 

When using enrichment to change a behavior you must commit to a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks of consistency to determine if the protocol is effective. 

Consider having a KAS specialist come by your house during the peak hours of barking for your dog to break up the cycle and have them engage in alternative behavior like going for a walk. 

Enrichment will not end all the barking. Its goal is to ensure that the dog’s needs are met and in turn the dog will have less need to bark as frequently. If you are interested in more intensive training to curb a bad barking habit please contact our training department.

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