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Attention pet parents! Welcome to the KAS Social Club.

This group is a platform to connect dogs and pet parents from puppy socialization, separation anxiety support, and reactive rover support. As a community of understanding and educated pet parents we can make the world for our dogs a safer and more comfortable place.

Let's be friends!

All social dogs welcome to hold meet ups. Share your dogs profile information so that others can make educated decisions about if your dogs will be a good play match.

This social club is everything a dog park isn't. Where pet parents are here to support their own dog and other dog's well-being by setting up play dates with appropriately matched dogs.

Dogs are required to be fully up to date on their vaccinations and it is pet parent's responsibility to pick play groups and friends appropriately. Just like us, not all dogs want to mingle with everyone. They have preferences in size, gender, breeds, age, and play/personality styles. KAS encourages pet owners to observe their dogs in social situations to determine the kinds of dogs your dog enjoys.

Pet owners are fully responsible for their own dog.

KAS and this group is intended as a platform to facilitate meeting and connecting with others. It is also a free education about dog-dog socialization and play.

If you are concerned about your dog with other dogs then we encourage you to reach out to KAS for a consultation to determine if play dates are even a good option for your dog.

This group is also here to facilitate meet ups for people looking to train their dogs around other dogs. If you have a calm dog volunteer to meet up with a dog-in-training and you and your dog can be a helper dog for a reactive dog.

Additionally, if you have a fenced yard and work from home you might be the perfect supportive friend for a dod suffering from separation anxiety. As dogs are working through their fear of being alone it can be a lot of work for pet parents to find safe places to leave their dogs when they can not be with them personally. So this group can also act as a support group for those needing to find creative solutions.

Heck maybe you can even do pet sitting swaps.

So let the social networking begin.


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  • February 22, 2024


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