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Kelsie Scroggins
February 28, 2022 · changed the group description.
KAS Professional

Welcome to the KAS Volunteer group.

This is where people who love dogs can help dogs over come their fears. In the world of dog training it often takes a village to train a dog. We use this group to source people, mature children, dogs, and other animals that can volunteer and help us help dogs.

Dog helpers - needed to help dog aggressive dogs or dog-dog socialization.

Human helpers - needed to help with dogs afraid of strangers, door knockers, joggers, bicycles and much much more.

Children helpers - needed for dogs who are a little worried about children or are too enthusiastic around children. (Children must be mature and capable of following directions. Parents must be available the entire time to care for their children.)

Separation Anxiety pet sitters - Some people might be working through a separation protocol with their dog and will need help when with their suspended absences.

In all volunteer positions during KAS Training Set Ups we will not be putting people or animals at risk. We ensure that the dogs we are training are restrained and have the necessary preliminary work done prior to the set up.

We strongly encourage if you are dealing with an aggressive or otherwise challenging behavior you seek the appropriate help. Do not attempt to do some of these training techniques on your own.

Kind Animal Services offers discounts on our services to regular volunteers for their willingness to help.


Welcome to the KAS Volunteer group. This is where people wh...
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