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Animal Education and Enrichment Services

Bringing out the best in animals with kindness. Animal education and behavior services founded in science, promote enriching experiences, and empower the individual to choose to participate.

Help your animal be the best version of themselves.

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Educating Minds

Kind Animal Services is dedicated to helping dog, equine, and parrot owners get to the bottom of troubling behavior issues. We do this through systematic and data driven behavior modification techniques. Kind Animal Services specializes in anxiety and aggression related behaviors. 

We know how isolating and frustrating it can be living with an animal with a behavior problem such as separation anxiety. Or how embarrassing and heart breaking it can be seeing the animal you love lash out in aggression toward you or someone else. 

You don't have to carry on this way forever. We can help. Our methods are up to date and have successfully helped many Pet Parents find relief. All the while never compromising the animal's welfare for our own. So many behavior's we call issues serve a function for the animal. If we can simultaneously stop the unwanted behavior while still providing the animal with the outcome they are seeking, it's a win-win! 

Start working on building your harmonious relationship with your animal today. Our behavior modification programs are designed to be 100% remote so no matter where in the world you are we can provide service. It may sound crazy to train animals through a remote program. The thing is there is actually a higher success rate of behavior change in our virtual programs than if we were to do in person training classes once a week. 

If you are ready to get to the bottom of your animals behavior contact us today! 

⭐️ You Are a Star Pet Parent ⭐️

Nothing is more exhausting than sifting through loads of information out there to find a solution to your animal behavior troubles. We want to acknowledge your bravery and persistence in finding a solution that fits your needs. 

Check out our Training and Behavior program tiers and find a level that works for you and your budget. 

  • Most Popular


    Every month
    Continue to advance your pet's training. KAS will continue to keep you on track and answer questions
  • Education

    Every month
    Personalized education program for you and your pet. KAS provides instructions and assignments.
  • Coaching

    Every month
    Customized systematic behavior coaching program. KAS won't stop till you get the solutions you need.
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Enriching Lives

Enrichment means offering value and improving your pet's welfare through interesting opportunities and stimulations. It's a much deeper concept that just feeding, giving them exercise, and making sure they have fresh water. Enrichment is making your pet rich with choices, opportunities, diversity, and interesting problems to solve. 

Kind Animal Services seeks to provide quality pet care services that are tailored to not just keeping your animal(s) alive but allowing them to thrive! Pet care visits and enrichment activities are services in your home or from your home that offer value to your pet's life. 

If you are curious about the ways you can enrich your pet's life we would gladly consult with you and walk you through the process. 

A tired dog IS NOT a good dog. A tired dog is just tired

An enriched dog is a good/happy dog. Consider signing your dog up for some regular enrichment sessions with a professional enrichment coordinator or pet care provider. 

Empowering Healthy Relationships

Nothing is more rewarding than a healthy relationship with anyone. If you consider your animals family or refer to them as friends than your not alone. At KAS we think that our family and friends should be treated with respect and kindness. We value trust and communication with our animals just like our human to human relationships. 

KAS is dedicated to helping you deepen your bond with your non-human companion and build a strong, loving relationship that lasts a lifetime. Whether you're looking for tips on how to communicate effectively with your pet, or want to learn how to train them in a positive and rewarding way, this is where the journey begins. With expert advice, helpful resources, and a supportive community of animal lovers, Kind Animal Services is at your service. Here to empower you to learn along with your pet and lead an enriched life together. 

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