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Revolutionizing Behavior Modification Programs for Behavior Consultants

How are you managing all the information that you are given about a specific learner? Do you know when a behavior you are working on is improving or regressing? How do you know? 

In the world of animal training and behavior modification consultants are faced with a daunting task. We must be completely up today on the newest science and also be conducting min experiments with each client. You know first hand that each case is to be treated individually. It would be unethical to treat each situation or learner with the same approach. 

You need a tool that will capture the individual approach and allow you to build behavior plans that get to the hart of the problem humanely and ethically. 

Meet the LLOG.APP

The first generation of behavior recording and program building software that facilitates client follow through and maximizes results. 

Imagine what you could do if you could peak through the blinds and into the mind of your animal subjects while they went about their life. LLOG.APP allows us the oportunity to peer into the securet life of animals and ask the tough questions. Why are they doing the unwanted behavior? 

This is done through a beautifully designed platform allowing the human client to record behavior events as they occur. The consultant chooses what they want to monitor and what data points they feel are important for the case. 

Did we mention it's completely customizable! The facilitator is in the drivers seat. If you need to track the frequency of barking fits or count the number of barks. You get to choose the level of analysis you feel is right for your case. 

Stop Behavior Regression in it's Tracks

As the facilitator you can build step by step training plans, schedule the sessions in advance, and collect specific measurements for tracking progress. 

How do you know when behavior is regressing and when? When you track your subjects behavior through LLOG.APP consistently you can start to see the trends and catch regressions or plateaus in progress early before they get worse. Typically a trainer or pet owner will notice the regression when the behavior gets "really bad" and by then you might loose the client. Pet owners frequently see regression as a sign the training isn't working. A good trainer, like yourself, know that some regression or even a plateau where the behavior just isn't changing is normal. 

As educated behavior expert, you know that learning isn't linear. LLOG lets you monitor exactly what is going on inside your training plan and make adjustments your client might be completely unaware of ultimately saving a potential situation form getting worse. 

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