Dog Training 

Flexible, mindful, and kind dog training services that are tailored to your specific case. 

We offer dog training and behavior modification services for puppy rearing, adolescent manners, and complex behavior problems in adult dogs (ranging from mild anxiety to aggression). 

Email with inquires. 

Our in-house KAS trainers work for you with your dog's best interest in mind. 


Puppy Preschool

Early puppyhood development program designed to help your puppy grow into a well adjusted and confident adult. We work on social skills and exposure to novel stimuli in the safety of our training facility. 

Dog School 

Adolescent and young adult dog life skills training program. Helping dogs develop their environmental awareness, impulse control, and problem-solving skills. 

Tutoring Programs

Tutoring programs are custom sessions for puppies and adult dogs who are not eligible for our group training programs. An ideal program for behavior modification and formal obedience. 


Cat Counseling

Cats are thought to be un-trainable but that's not what we think. In fact, we love seeing kittens being raised with a love of learning! It helps to start young but any age of cat can be helped through training. 

If you have questions about training your cat email for more guidance. We offer virtual consultations for social distencing.  

Did you get a new kitten? Join our Kitten Kindergarten for kittens ages 6 weeks - 16 weeks. 


Canine Gym

Canine Gym is a DIY version of training and enrichment. 

We invite you and your dog(s) to utilize Kind Animal Services' expertise and equipment as you build your own training program. Great for active dogs that require lots of mental stimulation to satisfy their mind. The floor is yours to develop you and your dog's skills your way. KAS will provide some guided curriculum or feel free to free form training time and exercises, it's up to you. 

Please note, we do not allow aversive training techniques in our gym for many reasons and we would be delighted to discuss this further should you be curious. 

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Immersion Training Camp 

Camp Details coming soon...

This is a 4 week training board and train camp to immersion your dog into training with out distractions. 


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