Dog Training 

Flexible, mindful, and kind dog training services that are tailored to your specific case. 

We offer dog training and behavior modification services for puppy rearing, adolescent manners, and complex behavior problems in adult dogs (ranging from mild anxiety to aggression). 

Email with inquires. 

Our in-house KAS trainers work for you with your dog's best interest in mind. 


Puppy Preschool

Early puppyhood development program designed to help your puppy grow into a well adjusted and confident adult. We work on social skills and exposure to novel stimuli in the safety of our training facility. 

Dog School 

Adolescent and young adult dog life skills training program. Helping dogs develop their environmental awareness, impulse control, and problem-solving skills. 

Tutoring Programs

Tutoring programs are custom sessions for puppies and adult dogs who are not eligible for our group training programs. An ideal program for behavior modification and formal obedience. 



All Classes have been postponed due to COVID-19 but will be resuming soon. 

Immersion Training 

Welcome to a new type of board & train experience. Your dog will be immersed in the training program and structured daily schedule. This program is designed to help reset your dog’s behavior if you are currently struggling with getting results. 


We know training a dog can take many hours of dedication that we can help you accomplish a little faster by removing the obstacles like slow or incorrect timing on reward delivery, inconsistency, and lack of challenge. These hurdles are the pitfall of normal family life when raising a dog. It’s not your fault. 


Let Kind Animal Services take over and help you restart your relationship with your pup.  (Learn more...)

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