Pet Sitting

Professional In-home pet care

Kind Animal Services provides professional in-your-home pet care for pet parents that worry about their pets well being while they are gone. Animals receive low-stress care in their home environment. At home is where pets are generally going to be happiest. Most sittings include medicating, feeding meals, grooming, or household maintenance such as watering plans. You get so much more from Pet Sitting services than you would when you take your pet to a boarding facility. 


KAS pet professionals are trained in low-stress care and handling procedures. Many pet parents don’t consider the worst-case scenario, but KAS has a plan for most situations. What happens if your solo sitter can’t make a visit? KAS works as a team to support your pet care needs no matter what. Before and services begin we include a free meet & greet with your primary KAS pet sitter. If you have any concerns about your pet sitter at any stage in the process we encourage you to reach out. Your pets and home is our top priority and we want to make sure we address your concerns right away. 


Consists of providing the animal(s) with their basic needs. Food, medication, attention, water, and a clean living environment. Time allotted to this service may fluctuate to accommodate for care needed depending on the number of animals in the home. 


Level up the standard drop-in visit to add additional time for enrichment activities and one-on-one attention for the animals in our care. 


Slumber Party: 

Overnight sitting is a flat rate of $75.00. It is the same as a drop-in visit but stretched from 9:00 pm - 7:00 am. The visit can include meals or medications that fall within that time frame. It’s a graveyard shift where pet professionals will try to be aware of your pet's needs throughout the night. This service is recommended for your puppies or geriatric dogs that need care in the middle of the night.