Pet Sitting

In-home pet sitting you can trust

Get more out of your pet care and forget the hassle of taking your pets to a boarding facility. You will be matched with one of our incredible pet sitters who will come to your house and care for your animals (and home). Keeping your animals in their familiar environment and keeping close to their regular schedule will help reduce stress in your animals. Service is available for all species of pets. 

Pet Sitter services include basic home care such as watering plants or feeding wild birds or feral cats. We can bring in the mail and help keep your home safe by making it appear lived-in. Keeping your dogs in the home also adds to the security. 

We understand that trusting a new pet sitter can be hard, but our leaders personally interview all pet sitters extensively, as well as run background checks and call all references. 

Our pet sitters are professionals with collective knowledge and experience. 

When you use our sitting services, your sitter is backed up by a secondary pet professional. This means should worst come to worse, and something happens that makes your sitter unable to continue care. We are prepared to make sure no matter what, your animals and home continue to be looked after. 

We provide peace of mind to the fullest extent, prepare for the worst, and provide the very best stress-free care possible.

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