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Help Keep Dogs Out of Shelters (by Funding My Education)

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Education is the only answer to saving more animals. I have a plan but I need your help.

Some may know that in 2020 I started an educational journey. The traditional school has always felt really daunting and frankly not required for the work I'm doing.

Experience has taught me the best lessons, and that's how I learn best –- hands-on and trying out training techniques or procedures as I go.

Of course, I read, watch, and jump into discussions among my colleagues regarding best practices, but I don't get a certification for those lessons either.

The thing is, few ask for a certificate or level of education in the dog training world. In some ways I'm thankful for this as it allowed me to get this far, but it's also gut-wrenching to see other trainers spam the public with ill information. When people don't ask for credits or credentials, they eat the lousy advice up and look for more. With beautiful marketing using words like balanced and natural or selling board-and-train programs under the impression that they can "fix" a dog, It's obesity for the brain. Sounds like the click and quick culture that we live in.

Okay, stepping off my pedestal; as I said, 2020 was a turning point, as I'm sure it was for many people. About every 3 years, I consider changing it up, maybe leaving the industry. Often this looks like going to college or getting another job. Although, I weighed those options heavily. That summer, I joined 2 of what I think to be the most meaningful and educational memberships.

By 2021, I had learned so much in a year, but more than that, these organizations put me in contact with educational programs I had never heard of. I made a plan to start applying for and attending a specific path of education/certification. I set out on my academic journey my way. Researching and finding the very best programs and certifications I feel will add value to my existing knowledge.

2022 this journey started with a dog behavior consultant certification that I was very close to obtaining but didn't quite make it. Let it be known that this certification provides prior no training and is an essay-style application. However, the process taught me a lot and pointed out where I could improve when I return and retake it, and I will.

Immediately following the dog behavior consultant application, I started a course by Susan Friedman. If you don't know who that is, look it up, she is a valuable contributor to our industry. The class did not disappoint.

Unplanned, I jumped on an opportunity to get a parrot behavior consulting certification. This is what I'm working on currently.

Finally, this brings me to now and why I'm sharing all this with you.

My next course isn't cheap, costing $3,500 for tuition. I have the opportunity to start this course in January, but that means tuition is due soon.

I have done my research, and this course will change KAS by elevating the level of expertise we can offer, specifically, for separation anxiety dogs locally and remotely. More than that, I will be learning business operation skills that I hope to apply to all aspects of how we do business.

I have more educational opportunities I will pursue in 2024, but right now, this is a chance for you to make a lasting difference in dog lives. I know you care about shelters and rescue dogs and give money to individual

dogs or organizations. However, these efforts are temporary and hardly make a dent in the actual problem causing dogs to end up in the rescue in the first place.

Did you know that behavior issues are the number one reason people relinquish their pets? Among the top reasons are separation-related issues in the home. What if there was help and they could solve the problems in the home? Then dogs wouldn't have to be given up.

By funding my educational journey, you will be helping to solve the root of the problem.

Additionally, for every dollar over the tuition fee, I will put that towards training dogs in need and living in families that can't afford the training services. Hiring a trainer and getting help isn't an inexpensive endeavor, and the cost of professional behavior experts is a considerable barrier to keeping dogs from being relinquished.

I will be so ecstatic to exceed my goal that I will double down on my YouTube Channel/Video projects and share the stories of the dogs you helped save with your donation.

So everything raised over $3,500 will go into sponsoring dogs and families trying to make it work. So one more way to think of it is that you are supporting a dog before they get into the shelter system.

Thank you so much for your sponsorship, and I hope with your donation, I will be able to attend this program and continue to help animals far and wide.

Do you want more information? Would you like to receive follow-ups, credit, or mention for your donation? I'm happy to discuss ideas and options with you via email. Please reach out to me by email at

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