• Kelsie Scroggins

Lucy Lue - Project Dog for Adoption

Lucy-Lue is a smart and well behaved (most of the time) 7-month-old Boxer /pit puppy.

She started her schooling with KAS on June 18th, and in a matter of weeks, she has learned so much. Of course, her furever-home will need to continue her education, but she has a beautiful start.

Lucy came to KAS as a training consultation customer, but when she proved to be more of a handful than her parents had the energy for they chose to give her up. KAS took her in as a project-dog to train and rehome.

This dog is ready to be someone's best buddy. She is very loyal with some terrier independence now and then. If she could, she would love to be your go-everywhere, do-everything-dog!

Nothing holds this girl back; every skill KAS teaches her is mastered in a matter of days.

Lue has gone to events and been used as a demonstration dog for Kind Animal Services. She is a rockstar. I'm so delighted to have had the opportunity to work with her.

We started training by finding her favorite reinforcers, food, and toys — the classic puppy. From there "sit = please" was quickly established since she had no boundaries and was very rude going about doing as she pleased.

Today she hardly jumps up on people and is starting to respect boundaries such as counters, doorways, furniture, and fences. Previously she was clawing and nipping at her owners, busting through doors, and running off to sniff and play without permission.

With KAS project-dogs, we automatically fall into a routine of no free rewards, including all food and attention. If she is unwilling to ask nicely, she is escorted from the room until she can come back and try again later. Breakfast and Dinner (and snacks throughout the day) are given through training and puzzle feeders only. Before feeding, she is taken out to play chase, tug, or fetch.

All games have a unique set of rules that Lucy has learned or is learning to follow to a T! Fetch, by far, has the most complicated rules, and she is still fine-tuning her skills.

For entertainment, I taught Lue to roll over (via. luring) and play soccer through clicker training/shaping. I also spent an afternoon teaching her to go over jumps and through tunnels on an agility course.

As of July 1st Lucy-Lue is looking for the perfect family to call her own.

If you are interested in Lucy, please reach out I would love to talk with you. I think you will find her a joy to be around — all those who meet her fall in love with her sweet disposition and big intelligent brown eyes.

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