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Shy to Confident Behavior Modification (Client Review)

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

"I’d met and observed Kelsie while she was training and caring for a few dogs in my neighborhood, so when I adopted a very shy and anxious shelter pup, I called her for training. She has really helped Junebug and me both! Junie has become a more confident and more enjoyable companion, and I have learned how to use simple rewards to get the behaviors I want. Kelsie is very skillful at training the dog, but her real value is teaching the owner (me!) how to work with the dog to practice (and practice and practice) the things she has done with the dog, and how to apply the same techniques to new training needs in the future. She has been positive and kind and patient with us both, and we’re happy “graduates”.

- Bonnie & Junebug

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