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Icelandic Horses

Personalized Behavior Programs

Choose the Membership level that fits the amount of trainer involvement you need. You can switch plans any time when you feel you need more or less 1-on-1 assistance. 

  • Maintenance

    Every month
    • Everything included in the Supporting Level.
    • Llog.App Account.
    • Trainer will monitor your log and give feedback as needed.
    • 24ht Text Behavior Support
    • Video Review and Feedback
    • Online Courses
    • 20% off additional services
  • Education

    Every month
    • Everything included in Supporting & Maintenance Levels.
    • Llog.App Account
    • Regular and weekly assigned sessions
    • Regular Behavior Log Feedback
    • 20% Off of additional services
  • Coaching

    Every month
    • Everything included in lower tier levels
    • Virtual coaching sessions
    • Customized Training Program
    • 35% off Additional Services
  • Puppy Program

    Every week
    • Constant Text Support
    • Puppy Game Suggestions
    • Puppy Foundations Online Course
    • Creative Troubleshooting Puppy-woes
    • Weekly Virtual Sessions
    • Puppy Immersion Boarding as Available
  • *Local* Coaching Program

    Every month
    • Everything that is included in the coaching program.
    • Customized training plan and schedule.
    • + In-Person Coaching (included)
    • + Tutoring Sessions (included)
    • + Virtual Sessions (included)
    • Schedule of sessions is determined after booking
    • Sessions are not limited but one or two a week recommended

Not Sure? 

Commitment can be scary but remember this is a commitment to your animal to improve their behavior, save your relationship, and enjoy your pet again. It absolutely is possible but you will have to commit. 

There is no easy button. Just like you can't loose weight overnight your dog will not change their behavior overnight. This is why we set up our monthly programs that are here to help month to month as long as it takes to reach your goal. 

Al-La-Carte Sessions

Program members include discounts on training services. Check with your program coordinator to book a sessions if you are currently enrolled in a program.

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