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Dog Training

Be a teacher and lead with trust.

Need help with a specific behavioral issue or you want to learn something new? Kind Animal Services is a great option for dealing with dogs of all ages, breeds, and behaviors. Sessions can be done at our training locations or a place of your choosing, with personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.


Methods and Philosophy

Teaching done naturally 

Kind Animal Services teaching philosophy is rooted in our mission to enrich, educate, and empower all animals. 

We start by setting realistic expectations and adjusting the human mindset to understand that animals learn in much the same way humans do. We want to empower pet parents to be a teacher, not a dictator. 

Our instructions put a heavy emphasis on practice and experience. It is proven that the more hours an animal (humans included) practice an action, the more that behavior becomes an ingrained habit. Through our School Day programs and training classes and events, KAS provides lots of opportunity for practice. 

We also know that experiences build personality and directly affect future emotional responses to the same or similar encounters. This means we need to carefully manage our animal's experiences to help them become positive, happy, and confident beings. 

KAS utilizes the power of choice and reinforcers. This method builds trust and communication between teacher and student. 

We also work using a method of training called Permission-Based Training. This allows us to test for success and measure progress.  

Learning is a life long process for all of us. To stay up to date on modern training methods, Kind Animal Services continues to monitor animal science theses and articles as well as reinforcing continuing education within our company. 



Private training sessions for all situations.

KAS offers private consultation sessions for the whole family at your convenience. Sessions are held in your home, at our facility, or in public locations depending on the behaviors we are working on. 

Consultation are provided to dog-parents in and around school days. We create a custom training plan to work on the specific behaviors you are looking to achieve and step you through your training plan. 


(10% off 4 or more sessions) 


Dog Training Classes

Group classes to improve your skills as your dogs teacher. 

For updated class schedules please check out our calendar. 

Group classes are offered on a regular basis primarily in the evening and cover a variety of topics. Some classes are based on the age of the dog while others are designed to teach certain manners or skills. 

Even well-behaved dogs deserve to be continully challenged. 


Dog School

Finally an education for the family dog. 

Dog’s learn through hours of practice and experience. 

Humans spend much of their adolescent life experiencing and practicing skills through school or studies that benefit them into adulthood. Why don’t we provide the same kind of education to our dogs? 

KAS school program is designed to teach dogs through experience and practice of life skills. We do this systematically with a combination of training cues and desensitization much in the same way service dogs are being trained. 

Dogs that attend KAS school learn how to cope with novel situations and stress in an appropriate manner. We understand that anxiety hinders the learning process so School Days are built empowers dogs to be confident, wise, mature, and polite members of society. 


Stories of Success


In Service of Dogs and People 

Why we love Kind Animal Services……….

We first met Kelsie some years back when we were trying to get a Service Dog for my Disabled Veteran
Husband. We had been told before that it would not be easy to find a suitable dog, since we had all sorts
of two- and four-legged farm animals at the time, along with dogs and cats.
At the time, Kelsie was working with an organization in Hood River training Service Dogs for Veterans,
and was willing to give it a try. A few months later, she called to let us know that she had found “the
perfect dog”. That perfect dog was too old to be trained as a Service Dog, but would we be willing to
adopt him anyway? Of course, we would – it was a decision we never regretted! If we had a Dollar for
every person that wanted to take that dog home, we’d be really rich now! Kelsie’s judgement was
absolutely spot-on. “Luke” is the perfect dog for my husband!
Fast forward a few years, and our youngest son was diagnosed with a medical condition that requires
extensive physical therapy. Walking/Jogging is part of this therapy. Since there are cougars in our area,
we needed a dog to be with our son while running. Luke is getting on in years, and his legs are a little too
short to keep up with our son as his jogging partner.
Both my husband and I had grown up with dogs and had had one or more dogs for over 25 years, but we
are not dog training experts. Neither are we able to pick the “right” dog at a shelter, since their behavior
there is usually different from what it is in a home environment. KAS to the rescue!
One call to Kelsie, and she started setting things in motion. She took our son to a few shelters to look for
another “perfect” dog, and after a short time called to let us know she had found………….WHAT?
You want us to adopt a malnourished, scared, hyper, not house-trained female dog that is unable to
relax, likes to run away, was probably abused/beaten, and won’t listen?
As you guessed it, Kelsie was right again. Her ability to judge a dog is incredible. After spending two
weeks with Kelsie, “Serenity” came to live with us, and has become an absolutely lovable, goofy, spoiled
family dog. Actually, that dog that was unable to relax has turned into a complete couch-potato. There
are no accidents in the house, she loves to snuggle (on her terms), is perfectly crate-trained, roaming
the pastures without a leash, always coming back when we blow the whistle. She also seems to enjoy
farm-life and likes riding on the tractor with our son. Another “perfect” dog thanks to KAS!
We would without hesitation recommend Kind Animal Services to anybody who needs training for their
dog. It is important to mention that Kelsie does it all very gently, without harsh words or punishing the
dog for unwanted behavior.
Not only has Kelsie trained our dog, but she also taught us how to continue training her.