Dog Training

Be a teacher and lead with trust.

There is a lot of information out there about how best to train a dog, horse, parrot, goat, cat, etc. Kind Animal Services takes a particular interest in methods that are proven across species. Science has taught us something about behaviorism and learning we use this knowledge to the best of our ability.


It is our mission to help pet parents understand their pets and how they learn. 

Training a puppy to pay attention


Private training sessions for all situations.

One-on-one consultation allows flexibility and greater opportunity for hands-on learning.  We can address specific behaviors at any stage of your dog's life or master the basics at your leisure. Private appointment slots are offered on Wednesdays but we will make acceptions as needed to fit into your schedule. 

 We will discuss a custom training and management plan to address the training goals. Each consultation is tailored to your family's needs, including conversations about training procedures, tools, behavior management, and realistic expectations.

Private Consultations are held in-your-home or at the KAS training facility (Schoolhouse). Depending on the plan Kind Animal Services may work with the dog individually or in an instructional fashion to include the whole family in the training process. Consultations are usually allotted 2 hours but can be adjusted as needed. 

Methods and Philosophy

Teaching is done naturally and with mutual respect 

Kind Animal Services teaching philosophy is rooted in our mission to enrich, educate, and empower all animals. 

We start by setting realistic expectations and adjusting the human mindset to understand that animals learn in much the same way humans do. We want to empower pet parents to be a teacher, not a dictator. 

Our instructions put a heavy emphasis on practice and experience. It is proven that the more hours an animal (humans included) practice an action, the more that behavior becomes an ingrained habit. Through our School Day programs and training classes and events, KAS provides lots of opportunity for practice. 

We also know that experiences build personality and directly affect future emotional responses to the same or similar encounters in the future. This means we need to carefully manage our animal's experiences to help them become positive, happy, and confident beings. 

KAS utilizes the power of choice, promotes consent-based training, and applies positive reinforcement. Our methods build trust and communication between teachers and students. 

We measure success by looking at when an animal says "no" vs. "yes" to a situation. Progress is confirmed when the learner (animal) willingly agrees to participate in the learning process. 

Learning is a lifelong process for all of us. To stay up to date on modern training methods, Kind Animal Services continues to monitor animal science theses and articles as well as reinforcing continuing education within our company. Currently, there is no standard certification or license for our industry. In response to this lack of regulation, KAS aligns with industry education institutions and organizations to ensure we have access to the most up to date information. 

Dog Training Classes

For updated class schedules please check out our calendar. 

Group classes are offered on a regular basis primarily in the evening and cover a variety of topics. Some classes are based on the age of the dog while others are designed to teach certain manners or skills. 

Pet Dog Ambassador - All Levels

Pet Dog Ambassador is scheduled in 10 or 8-week courses depending on the level. There are 5 levels of certification. This title can be added to your dogs name and is equal to the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. 

Weekend Workshops

This is a 5-hour workshop generally heald on weekends. Participates will dictate most of the workshop topics by bringing their dog behavior and training questions. During our time together we will work through as much training as we can in our time together. 

Beyond Basics - Training Club

Our Beyond Basics course is ideal for anyone looking to take their training and bond with their dog to the next level. This is a membership-based club for dog parents that understand the benefits of continuing to teach and challenge their dogs. 

dog enjoying training

Puppy Pre-School

The importance of peer learning among puppies is undeniably the most important thing you can do for your puppy. Puppies in the KAS Pre-School program will spend lots of time playing, learning simple impulse control, and desensitization to novel situations. 

women comunicating to her puppy

Dog School

Yes, that's right a school for dogs! This means your dog can gain manners training, experiences, and socialization that will benefit them long into the future. 

It’s science! A brain requires many hours of practice and learning opportunities to build a new habit. 


The benefits of sending your dog to school are endless but to highlight some major ones: 

  • Improved behavior

  • Better obedience

  • Improved social skills 

  • Improved problem solving 

  • Expends excess energy 

  • Boosts confidence 


At school, your dog has access to a more full and enriched life through consistent mental challenges, the opportunity to build lasting friendships, and expending plenty of their natural doggy energy. KAS school program is designed to teach dogs through experience and practice of life skills. We do this systematically with a combination of training and desensitization modeled after the science of learning and service dog training programs. 


The fact is an average human spends 16% of their life in educational systems (up to 12th grade) and more if they want to become proficient in a field. In contrast, we then expect a dog to spend 1% (1 month) of their life in training programs to be proficient at behaving with good manners. If you want to give your dog the equivalent of high school education by dog standards, your dog needs 2 years of their life dedicated to education, more if you want your dog to be truly reliable in their behavior. 

Don't fall for any program that claims to be able to train your dog in any shorter amount of time. Short term training methods are proven to break down over time and can have considerable repercussions depending on the methods used to obtain the original behavior. 

Stories of Success