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Kind Animal Services was founded in 2011 and is an independent Columbia River Gorge local small business. We have deep roots in the community and long-lasting love of animals. Founder, Kelsie Scroggins, still has a vision that animals will be treated (and taught) with kindness and respect, instead of fear and intimidation. KAS is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and holds by their standards. 


Kelsie was featured in the Ruralite magazine as the Dog Whisper, she is a certified Canine Good Citizen judge and Pet Dog Ambassador instructor and evaluator. She has worked with numerous animals over the years. Praised for her talent and ability as a teacher to all. 

Kelsie & KAS has 4 resident clan members all of whom are trained and available for demonstrations. Meet the KAS Clan here. 



KAS Pet Professionals are dedicated to the well-being of animals. We hold regular staff training and discussions to improve our service base and broaden our collective knowledge. 

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Kind Animal Services Reviews

Natasha was very cordial and sweet with our dog. Right away I knew that she and my pup would be great together, and that my temperamental dog was in confident, gentle care. The email updates about their walk/activity were thorough and sweet. She also added a cute photo of my dog every time. Very cool!

Paula B.

We love having Kind Animal Services available to care for our pets when we are not able to. Kelsie or any of other associates we have had work with us through Kind Animal Services have always treated our pups and home like they were their own. Kelsie's communication and flexibility provide much better outcomes for us than kenneling or boarding have ever had.

Brian F.

Kelsie truly went the extra mile with our dogs and we couldn't be more satisfied! Our crew is a bit high-maintenance/quirky, but she worked with each of them one-on-one and managed to give them all a great amount of care and attention while we were gone. It really made our travel experience so much less stressful than it otherwise would have been!

Victoria F. 

Jenn was able to get our reserved cats to trust her by being still, friendly, and patient. She sent us very appreciated regular updates, and left our house much cleaner than we had--a great treat after a long day of travel to come home to a very clean house.

Kelly R.

My dog was visited 3 times a day - fed, taken out for potty and exercise. I was humbled by having my crate assembled correctly! :)
Following simple advice, Bella has had no accidents inside since Kelsie's visits. That is terrific!

Alan T.

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