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Animal training and pet care that put your pet's welfare at the forefront. Through our passionate, kind, and cooperative animal education and handling practices. 

Help your animal be the best version of themselves.

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Educating Minds

Are you faced with a difficult behavior challenge with your dog, parrot, or horse that you share your life with? Are they acting out in ways that are casing you or your family distress? Maybe you're unsure what their future will hold due their behavior. No one wants to feel under attack, pressured, or embarrassed by their animal companions. Don't regret regret your decision of bringing home that adorable baby. Kind Animal Services can help find hope in those daunting and sometimes hopeless times! We offer behavior consulting that works with you and your pet to find feasible solutions to behavior change. 

We also offer an exclusive education program for young developing puppies. This program will immerse your puppy into our home and proved them with the education that they need to grow into well adjusted adults. 

All education for animals and people is grounded in science and we make a huge effort to continue to persue our own understanding of behavior as new information emerges. 

Get Answers & Help You Need

Let use know what behavior related issues you're struggling to address with your animal. Even if you don't have finances for direct help we will answer questions in our blogs and videos. Depending on your case we may generate a training guide to give you a directions for your journey. 

Email: HeyTrainer@KindAnimalServices.com

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Enriching Lives

Enrichment means offering value and improving your pet's welfare through interesting opportunities and stimulations. It's a much deeper concept that just feeding, giving them exercise, and making sure they have fresh water. Enrichment is making your pet rich with choices, opportunities, diversity, and interesting problems to solve. 

Kind Animal Services seeks to provide quality pet care services that are tailored to not just keeping your animal(s) alive but allow them to thrive! Pet care visits and enrichment activities are services in your home or from your home. In-home pet sitting and dog walking is available. 

If you are curious about how you can enrich your life we would gladly consult with you in this area too. Call 541-402-1004 for a free enrichment consultation. 

A tired dog IS NOT a good dog. A tired dog is just tired

An enriched dog is a good/happy dog. Consider signing your dog up for some regular enrichment sessions (tutoring sessions) and give yourself a break. 

Pet Care Services

Empower Beasts

Kind Animal Services was founded on the idea that we can help create a world where all animals are treated with kindness, respect, and understanding. Beyond our services we offer fostering and adoption services to empower animals that have had the misfortune of needing to be re-homed or relinquished to shelters. We can also help prospecting adopters by offering adoption consulting to help ready to adopt and newly adopted dog families set out on a life together in harmony. 

If a dog, or a parrot, a horse, or a human we believe in the power of choices. 

Check out the Kind Animal Shop to help support our Empowered the Beasts movement and support our ability to foster, adopt, and provide free education to the community. 

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