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Kind Animal Services

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KAS Mission

Enriching lives, educating minds, and empowering all animals (including humans).

Kind Animal Services believes in a world where animals are respected, properly cared for, and treated with kindness and love. We are on a mission to make that dream come true through educating animals (and people). We do this through community youth classes, dog training classes, and private consultations. KAS dedicates itself to helping animals become successful in our human-made world through enrichment activities and empowered choices. Our services are centered around lowering and in many cases eliminating stress, fear, pain, and intimidation that has no place in our industry. 


"Animals' lives are too short to treat them unkindly."

Kelsie Scroggins

Proud Member and Partner of

No Force. No Fear. No Pain. 

Kind Animal Services values align to those of the Pet Professional Guild; we find it essential that we work in such a manner that animals are free of force, fear, and pain.

We are also partners of ForceFree Oregon; working together with other local organizations to grow the public understanding of force-free care and training. With the long term goal of banning the use of aversive tools in our state's communities. In addition to our commitment to our local force-free organization, we have also joined the Shock-Free Coalition

Kind Animal Services is dedicated to continued education in animal behavior and husbandry through our memberships with the Animal Training Academy & International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants