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Puppy Immersion Program

Raising well adjusted, socialized, and mannered puppies for a future of service or companionship. 

Invest In Your Puppy's Future

Welcome to the Puppy Immersion Program from Kind Animal Services!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to properly train your new puppy? Do you want to give them the best start in life and set them up for success as a well-behaved, socialized adult dog? If so, our Puppy Immersion Program is exactly what you need.

Our program is designed to fully immerse your puppy in a positive and nurturing environment, with the guidance of a professional trainer. For the first month of the program, your puppy will be boarded and trained in a home setting, where they will get exposure to novel situations and socialization with both humans and dogs. They we will start their education with age appropriate lessons. 

But the training doesn't stop there. After the initial month of board and train, we offer two additional months of follow-up training to complete the full three-month program. The second month focuses on bonding and experiences with your family, while the third month focuses on mastering the three most necessary training and obedience skills all dogs need: go, stay, and come.

By the end of the program, your puppy will be well on their way to becoming a well-behaved and well-adjusted member of your family. Don't wait - give your puppy the gift of a lifetime by enrolling in our Puppy Immersion Program today!

Doggie Stay

"Educating your dog isn't a luxury; It's a necessity. Learning ultimately improves your dog's welfare long into the future." -KAS

What's The Big Deal? 

Early socialization and desensitization is extremely important for young developing puppies because it helps shape their behavior and temperament in the future. Socialization allows puppies to learn how to interact and communicate with other dogs and people, and helps prevent fear and aggression towards unfamiliar situations and stimuli. Desensitization helps puppies learn to cope with and adapt to new environments and experiences, which can help prevent anxiety and fear-based behaviors in the future.

Without proper socialization and desensitization, puppies may be more prone to fear, anxiety, and aggression towards unfamiliar people and situations. This can lead to a variety of behavioral issues as they grow into adulthood, which can be difficult to resolve later on.

By providing puppies with early socialization and desensitization experiences, we can give them the best foundation for a happy and well-adjusted life.

Shiba Inu Puppy

Puppies don't grow out of behavior they grow into behavior. Don't wait till they are mature and habits have formed to seek help. Dog training and education needs to start in their youth!

Why Puppies? 

Opportunities like this are now or never. 

Starting training when puppies are young is important because puppies are more receptive to learning and are more likely to retain what they have learned at this stage in their development. Puppies are born with very limited abilities and are unable to do much more than eat, sleep, and eliminate. As they grow and develop, they become increasingly capable of learning new things and acquiring new skills.

During the first few months of a puppy's life, their brains are rapidly developing and they are highly receptive to new experiences and learning. This is a critical period for socialization, which is the process of exposing puppies to a wide range of people, places, and situations so they can learn to be confident and well-adjusted adults.

Training during this time can also help puppies learn good manners and obedience skills, which can make them easier to live with and more enjoyable companions. Training can also help puppies feel more confident and secure, as it gives them a sense of structure and helps them understand what is expected of them.

In summary, starting training when puppies are young is important because it allows them to learn and develop at a critical stage in their development, and it can also help them become well-behaved, confident, and well-adjusted adults.

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