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A Solution for Sep-Anx You Haven't Tried

This training program addresses separation-related behavior issues in dogs. We know how hard it can be living with a dog suffering from this panic disorder. Anxiety is no joke and can greatly reduce the welfare of it's victim and the loving pet parents around them. Endless barking and crying, destruction of your home, and potty accidents, and intense greetings could all be a sign your dog has separation anxiety. Our training programs will walk you through a powerful behavior modification process step by step. Don't wait to get your dog help. 

Kelsie is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. She specializes in anxiety & aggression cases.  Kelsie has been training animals professionally for about 7 years and has a life time of living with and learning from animals. "Our animals are our best teachers" Kelsie states. With each individual she helps overcome this depilating behavior disorder it never gets old and they teach her something new.


Throughout this process Kelsie will be here beside you as your personal cheerleader and coach as you embark on this journey with your dog overcoming separation anxiety. 

Get your life back and be able to leave your dog home alone. It is possible. 

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT)

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Personalized Training Program

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