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Separation Anxiety Training

Kind Animal Services offers virtual training that addresses separation-related behavior issues in dogs. We know how hard it can be to live with a dog suffering from this panic disorder. Anxiety is no joke and can greatly reduce the welfare of it's victim and the loving care givers around them.

Don't wait to get your dog help. 

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Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT)

Kelsie graduated from the Certified Separation Anxiety program under Melena Demartini in May 2023. Prior to becoming certified she was taking on and specilizing in anxiety cases but is thrilled to now have an even deeper knowledge of how to help dogs and their families who are experiencing behavior issues related to fear and anxiety. Kelsie has been training animals professionally for about 7 years now but has a life time of living with and learning from them. She is here to be your personal cheerleader and coach as you embark on this journey with your dog overcoming separation anxiety. 

Get your life back and be able to leave your dog home alone. 

SA Training Program

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