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Service Dog Coaching

Assistance is only a paw away. Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a service dog? Are you looking to get a service dog but need help assessing the right fit for the job? Or do you have your puppy but want to make sure you start them off right for service dog work down the road? 

Emotional Support vs. Service Dog

We can empower you to train your dog for either role. As you'll discover, not all dogs are suited for service work, but they can be exceptional companions in soothing your emotions. 

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are not the same thing as a Service Dog. Any dog can be claimed as an ESA. It was originally just a doctor's note that stated the presence of your dog was a prescription for your emotional welfare. If your dog is an ESA, this will sometimes make them eligible for living with you in 'no pet' housing, but that's not always the case. Your dog requires no training to be an ESA, but if you want to be taken seriously and give your dog the best chance at making good impressions when it matters, then it is strongly encouraged that you pursue further manners training with your ESA dog. This additional training can help your dog behave better in public places and improve their overall behavior. 

Service dogs are dogs that have been specifically trained to assist their human by performing one or more tasks. These tasks can include guiding individuals who are blind, alerting individuals who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, and even detecting the onset of a medical condition. The catch is that not all service dogs are eligible to be taken into public places either. Some services may be trained to assist their person at home or in dog-friendly locations. Only dogs who are trained for service and have a deep level of manners training should be taken into public places that don't allow pet dogs. 

Rest assured, regardless of the training level you seek, Kind Animal Services is here to provide comprehensive assistance. We can help you with everything from basic manners training to advanced task training. 

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Imagine what could your dog do for you? 

  • Hearing Assistance

  • Physical Assistance 

  • Mental Illness Assistance

  • Anxiety Alert 

  • Response to anxiety 

  • response to seizures

  • more... 

Does my dog qualify? 

Regrettably, not all dogs are suited to be service dog candidates. However, this doesn't mean they can't provide valuable assistance at home or offer emotional support. We're here to assist you in training your dog for these roles. It's important to remember that just as there are jobs that may not suit us, not all dogs are cut out to be service dogs. Some may simply prefer other types of work. 

For a fully trained service dog that could potentially gain rights to work in public access, certain prerequisites are necessary. While some of these skills can be taught, it's beneficial for your dog to have a natural inclination towards them. 

  • Friendly and not afraid of people 

  • Not reactive and generally calm around other dogs 

  • Does not startle easily or show anxiety around loud noises

  • Is eager to please and enjoys learning new tricks 

  • Calm but alert energy 

  • Stays with handler and walks well on leash 

  • Not easily distracted and focused on tasks 

  • Is comfortable in lots of environments

  • Is in good health and physically capable for work

Dogs that will not qualify are dogs that show any aggression towards people, dogs, or other animals. Some reactivity can be worked through and if you currently have a dog that is reactive or anxious we will need to address this behavior concern first before we can begin any service dog training. 

We highly recommend embarking on your service dog training journey when your dog is under 4 years old. The most opportune age to train a service dog is between 2-4 years. Before 2, the puppy should be learning basic manners that will lay the foundation for their service dog potential. 

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Fluffy Pet

Is your dog under 2 years and you want to eventually have them as a service dog consider signing them up for our Puppy Immersion Program! 

Service Dog Program



Every month

+$275 Initial assessment and consultation

⭐️ In-person and virtual option

⭐️ Written training plan outline

⭐️ Board and train option as available

⭐️ Custom written detailed daily training instructions

⭐️ 7 Day a week text-support

⭐️ Training log and tracker included (webapp or spreadsheet)

🐕 Quality task training

🐕 Public access and obedience training

🐕 Service dog assessment + follow up assessments

Value of $5,000/month

Service dog training is a dedicated journey, and with our training program, Kind Animal Services is fully committed to your dog's success. We offer personalized plans that include constant communication, frequent training sessions, and boarding as per availability. There are no hidden charges, just a one-time fee to kickstart the journey. What you see is what you get, and we're here to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way! 

Our goal is to see your service dog succeed and gain full public access, if that's your aim. We understand that everyone's circumstances are different. If you're eager to participate in the training, we're here to guide you every step of the way. If time is a constraint, our trainer will step in and work with your dog, ensuring no training opportunity is missed. 

Rest assured, your dog will receive the training they need, regardless of the circumstances. Our reliable and comprehensive program is designed to meet your dog's unique needs, ensuring they are well-prepared for any situation. 

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Why choose KAS?

With a rich experience of 7 years, Kelsie has been a guiding light for owner-trainers in the realm of service dog training. Her journey began with training emotional support animals, catering to a diverse range of individuals seeking a well-behaved emotional companion. In 2014, she extended her services to a chapter of Pets For Vets, where she played a pivotal role in assessing, fostering, training, and homing shelter dogs for veterans. Recently, Kelsie has been working on expanding her service dog training program, even as she completed her service dog training certification. 

Kelsie is proudly a Certified Service Dog Coach through Cooperative Paws. 

Contrary to popular belief, service dog training is 90% just normal dog training. This fact doesn't diminish the importance of this type of training, but rather underscores its accessibility. It simply requires a deep understanding of dog behavior, personality assessment, and learning, all while keeping the ultimate goal of training in mind. The remaining 10% of Service Dog Training involves public access and knowledge of accessibility laws, which Kelsie has been adeptly handling for years, even before she obtained her official certification (which, legally, was not required, though that is changing). 

Today, Kelsie has crafted a versatile service dog program that adapts to your specific requirements. Whether you aspire to qualify and train your own pup, seek a training service dog from KAS, or need assistance at any stage of your service dog journey, we are here to support you. 

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