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Dog Enjoying Campfire

Canine Outdoor Camp

"The greatest lessons we learn in life are not taught by a teacher, but rather through the experiences and challenges that life presents us. Experience is the ultimate teacher, and the lessons learned through its unpredictable journey are the most valuable gifts we can receive." -KAS

7 Day Experience Driven Dog Training Camp

My experience as a dog trainer and owner has been that the more that dogs experience the more well rounded and wise they become. It's like they become all knowing and unfazed by life's smaller challenges. What if we could offer our pampered pet dogs the opportunity to experience life fully and learn from it's lessons imagine the kind of dog they could be. 

Canine Outdoor Camp is where training meets adventure. Your dog will get training and daily adventures during a 7 day boot camp style board and train.


Here is the general agenda outline: 

Day 1: Introductions to the camp counselors and doggy peers. Get settled it and go over the rules (manners training lessons).

Day 2. Adventure intro and training prep

Day 3. Set up camp. 

Day 4. Adventure & training 

Day 5. Adventure & training 

Day 6. Adventure and pack up camp

Day 7. Review Training and send off. 

Each annual season Canine Camp will foster it's own unique experience. Winter camp will offer dogs ample opportunity to play and experience snow. Summer camp will be the opposite with lots of swimming opportunities. Fall and spring will be some combination of those depending on weather patterns during the camp. 

Included when your dog finishes camp is a uniquely designed iron on badge, a training leash, and video of their experience and training (sent out later), and report card and discussion about how it went. 

Dogs will require a tough outdoor harness. Don't have a harness, we can fit your dog and add it to their camp costs. 

Pet food is supplied we use dense dehydrated dog food. Real Meat for training and meals. Please let us know if your dog has any food allergies and we do our best to accommodate. 

Dog gamboling in the snow

Is recall an important skill you would like your dog to learn? 

Canine Outdoor Camp puts a strong emphasis on teaching rocket recalls!

Is Canine Outdoor Camp right for my dog? 

Dog in flower meadow

Although, we are under the impression all dogs could use a little adventure Canine Outdoor Camp might not be the right fit for all dogs. If your dog is aging and has aces and pains they probably wont enjoy the high level of activity and stress. That being said athletic mature dogs are welcome! 


Another group of dogs that will not make a good fit is dogs under 6 months old. Dogs under 6 months are still going through a lot of growth. It is not recommended to over exercise or over work young minds and bodies. Check out our Immersion Program for young puppies. 


A good age fit will be an adolescent (teen-age) dog. This age group seems to have the highest need for adventure and training. 

Dogs that show aggression towards other dogs or animals will not be eligible for Canine Outdoor Camp and we strongly suggest that you get in touch with our behavior consultant to address this challenging behavior issues. If the issue can be resolved some dogs may become eligible for the Outdoor Camp. 

Canine Outdoor Camp is a social camp after all so your dog MUST be generally dog-dog friendly. Although, we limit 2 dogs per camp counselor dogs will still frequently be among a group of other dogs. 

Don't hold your dog back. If you want your dog to join the camp but are not sure reach out. We are happy to make some accommodations so that most dogs can enjoy the benefits of Canine Outdoor Camp.  

Dog on stone in the water

"Dear faithful guardians,
Please don't feed my biscuits to the cat I will be home again soon. For now I needed to see the wild. Canine Outdoor Camp is the best thing that has happened to me. To show my appreciation I promise to improve my behavior when I return home.  I'm enjoying playing with my friends so much and I think you would like them too. Can't wait to tell you all about my adventures. 
Love always, 
Your dog 🐾

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