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Image by Oskar Kadaksoo

Boarding School

No dog is too old or cool for our school.

Boarding Can Be Stressful. KAS is Different

Kind Animal Services started in the pet care industry because we felt so strongly that boarding at traditional kennel was too stressful for most dogs. We still strongly suggest that when looking for pet care solutions for dogs, we seek a qualified pet sitter to care for their dog in their own home. We even offer pet sitting by a qualified behavior expert so your dog gets cared for at home AND training. This is a rare service, and we reserve this for exceptional aggressive or anxiety cases. 

In most board and train programs, dogs are housed in crates and taken out throughout the day to train, then return to their crate. Life at these training facilities is rigid and doesn't resemble a dog's life when they return home. Training in this way is less effective because the situations are abnormal, and the dog's ability to learn is inhibited by stress chemicals in the brain. Furthermore, traditional boarding programs offer little enrichment and the opportunity to decompress and relax between training sessions. Relaxation is known to be vital to learning and processing learned information effectively. 

At Kind Animal Services, our boarding program is designed to be adaptive and enriching. We have created a home environment that caters to the dog's need for relaxation and stimulation. A typical day for a boarding school student at KAS involves more than just training. They have plenty of time to relax in a natural home environment, complete with comfortable beds, long walks, and engaging games. Our dogs become part of our family during their stay, allowing us to seize every learning opportunity throughout the day, not just during formal training sessions. 

Doggie Stay

"Educating your dog isn't a luxury; It's a necessity. Learning ultimately improves your dog's welfare long into the future." -KAS

Simple Pricing

Boarding School is one flat pricing rate of $160 per day of care. Pick up and drop off can be any time and don't effect your total. There is no add ons or extras. Every dog is provided with everything they need to be comfortable and learn while at school. Food can be included but we do recommend that you bring some of your dogs normal food to keep their tummy happy and so they are not shocked by a sudden change of diet. 

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