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Fear Free Pet Care

Expert in-home pet sitting for cats, dogs, and small critters.

Years of experience, backed by the town's most trusted pet care company.

Why choose KAS?

At Kind Animal Services, we specialize in professional, in-home pet care tailored for pet parents who worry about their pets in their absence. We understand that animals thrive best in familiar environments, which is why our services focus on providing low-stress care right in the comfort of your home.

Our comprehensive pet sitting includes essential tasks such as medication administration, feeding, grooming, and household maintenance like watering plants and collecting mail. Opting for our Pet Sitting services offers more personalized attention and comfort for your pets compared to traditional boarding facilities.

Our KAS Pet Care Professionals, also known as Pet Sitters, are accredited and thoroughly screened individuals. Each Pet Care Professional undergoes a comprehensive process, including a background check and assessment of their pet care expertise. They are all certified Fear Free Pet Sitters and have been trained in low-stress care and handling procedures. In the unlikely situation that your primary sitter is unavailable, our team at KAS operates seamlessly to guarantee your pet's needs are consistently addressed.

To foster a trusting relationship, we offer a free meet & greet with your primary KAS Pet Sitter before services begin. We value open communication and encourage you to reach out with any concerns at any stage of the process. Your pets and home are our top priorities, and we are committed to promptly addressing any issues to ensure their well-being.

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Pet Care Process

2. Email ( Dates and Specific Pet Care Details. 

3. Schedule a Meet N Greet. Finalize Pet Sitting Details.

Sitting Service Options

Pet Care Visit

Consists of providing the animal(s) with their basic needs. Food, medication, attention, water, and a clean living environment. Time allotted to this service may fluctuate to accommodate for care needed depending on the number of animals in the home. 


Does not include: extra time walking or playing with animals outside of their basic needs including short outings to potty, stretch, minimize stress, and maintain good health. Of course, we encourage Pet Professionals to go above and beyond this service outline and most of our Sitters do. 


Level up the standard drop-in visit to add additional time for enrichment activities and care. 

  • $10 + 30 min to your visit. 

  • $20 + Take a Hike (dogs only) 

  • $8 + bridge crossing

Overnight Stay 

This visit is stretched from 9:00 pm - 7:00 am. The visit can include meals or medications that fall within that time frame. It’s a graveyard shift for your Pet Care Professional will try to be aware of your pet’s needs throughout the night. This service is recommended for your puppies or geriatric dogs that need care in the middle of the night. 

Cat Portrait

About Natasha


Natasha is a Hood River native who has found her way to The Dalles. Growing up amidst the stunning landscapes of Hood River, her love for animals has been a constant thread in her life. “There's something incredibly fulfilling about providing attentive care for our furry friends” says Natasha, and that satisfaction is what drives her passion for Professional Pet Sitting. 

Natasha has been an integral part of KAS since 2017, and we are so proud to have her as our primary trusted Pet Care Professional.  where we’ve provided expert care for dogs, cats, and a diverse range of small animals, including bearded dragons and chickens. With seven years of professional pet sitting experience, Natasha has cultivated extensive knowledge in pet care, animal welfare, and enrichment practices. She is Fear Free certified, a badge she wears with honor.

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