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Anxious Farm-Dog to Well Adjusted Do-It-all Dog (Client Review)

My family and I had a wonderful experience with Kelsie and KAS.  Kelsie worked with our 9 month old Goldendoodle for 2 months 3 times a week.  A few wonderful things about Kelsie and what she taught me about my dog and how to best work with her:

  1. Even though Lola was great at home, I needed to get her out and about with people, downtown traffic, with other dogs, and even skateboards, if I want her to be able to go everywhere and be calm.  I know, silly that I didn’t realize that on my own.

  2. When I confessed I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much time training my dog she smiled and said thats why I was bringing Lola to her.

  3. Kelsie gave me realistic expectations of Lola.  She explained things that I would need to work with Lola on more, things might always be harder for Lola, and what things were obviously easy for her.

  4. The training schedule with KAS is consistent and yet flexible with changing daily needs.

Lola is now a year and a half and doing great.  I can take her indoors anywhere dogs are allowed and she behaves well.  She is a great leash walker, attentive to the person in charge, and able to take commands from different people.  She loves other dogs and is able to respectfully play with them.  

I highly recommend KAS and Kelsie.

2 Dog-Students enjoying a day in the park.
Lola (Left) & Lucy (Right)

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