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Flexible and Dedicated Dog Training (Client Review)

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

"Kelsie came out to my house multiple times a week and worked with my dog since she was a puppy. Kelsie committed to training my dog and agreed to come back and work with my dog whenever if I was having issues later on down the road. This was one of the things that attracted me most about her program. 

In addition, she would take Bella for hours at a time not just one or two. Sometimes she take her most of the day. I was very pleased with how Bella turned out. only after just a few lessons I was able to work with Bella alone.

I had used two other trainers and nothing worked for Bella or myself but Kelsie figured out away for training to click for both of us. It was very nice for Kelsie to come to my house to do the dog training as it made it much easier. The training went very good and my dog has transformed into a wonderful friend.

I would really recommend KelsIe for any one that wants to have professional training that works."

- Brandon & Bella

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