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Q: How long will training take (to achieve my goal)?

A: There is no way to know before the journey begins how long it will take, with an infinite number of detours, road blocks, hills, and valleys that lay before you. It’s usually recommended to enjoy the journey.

The honest answer is we don’t know. Each dog, family, and situation is different. There is not a one size fits all training approach just like there is no life lived twice. Animal training and behavior modification is a journey. KAS is here to be your guide to look out for possible roadblocks and give you the tools to side step them.

This is why we chose to move to a subscription based business model so that you can control what base program best fits your current needs and the commitment is month to month for as long as you need. Traditionally, before the monthly programs we would set up packages of 4 weeks.

We would like to encourage you to think in terms of months instead of days or weeks. Training and behavior change takes time. Doctors didn’t get their education and expertise overnight; it took years of education.

We did the math for you. In order for your dog to receive the equivalent of a high school education (12 years of education for humans) it would take about 2 years of education for your dog.

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