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Q: What if my animal is untrainable?

Answer: KAS has never met an untrainable animal.

With that being said there have been cases that have really stumped us but we don’t give up. If we feel that progress is not being made because of our lack of knowledge we have been known to extend services and packages at no cost to you in order to get to the bottom of a behavior problem.

We reserve the right to decide if and when your case calls for such intervention.

KAS promises to never leave you dead in the water no matter the behavior issue you are struggling with. We believe that there is an answer and we are determined to find a solution and help you achieve results at our expense if necessary.

We are here to learn and grow with you. Together no mountain is too high to climb. It sometimes just requires stepping back, reassessing the route, getting creative, and putting in the leg work to get to the top.

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