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Q: What program should I sign up for?

A: We have put together four base programs. All are designed to serve remote and local clients alike. With discounts for additional sessions included in the Maintenance, Education, and Coaching programs.

If you are looking for help with manners, puppy training, or want to work on tricks, enrichment, or sports then the Education Program will suit you best. The Education program includes customized training assignments that are specifically designed to help you reach your training goals. Assignments are based on your feedback and consistency to complete them.

If your dog is struggling with a more challenging behavior and you are looking to modify it I recommend the Coaching Program. This is where we meet live regularly as well as we work through a personalized training plan with regular assignments. This program helps us get to the bottom of behaviors like separation anxiety or other anxiety related issues. This is also ideal for working through aggression cases.

Both of these programs offer discounts for additional services and sessions in person. They include a video sharing folder for saving recorded behavior or training sessions. You can receive direct feedback on your execution of assignments or your pet’s behavior.

The low cost of the maintenance program tends to attract people but it also includes a lot less. This is ideal for animals who have already been working on a training program and need to back down because life is getting in the way or they feel confident to work solo for a while. The maintenance level does not include any training assignments but you can still receive feedback on the training that you are doing. We will continue to monitor your progress and let you know if we see something come up that is concerning. Our goal is to maintain behavior both yours and your animals for the long term. We don’t want to see all the hard work go to waste.

The supporting program is for those who want to be a part of the KAS community and have access to the paid content. They want to support our project animals, but they don’t have any real need for a personalized training program. They are just here to support. Kind Animal Services says thank you!

Hopefully, this helps you think about the different programs and realize that just because we have moved to this monthly program system does not mean that anything has changed. You are still receiving the same service we offered before only now we don’t have to manage each individual program and when it ends. You are in control to start, change, or stop your program at any time!

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